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Bergstraat 28,
9690 Kluisbergen
GSM. 0477 / 29 57 71
General conditions Villa Kluisberg Print

Every group needs to be accompanied by a person in charge of the group, who is major of age. This person has to belong to the group that stays at Villa Kluisberg. Upon arrival, the person in charge of the group hands over the name list with the address and birth date of the residents, to the reception of the Recreation centre.

The residing group has to be insured against responsibility. Maximum 2 pets are allowed in the accommodation centre (20 €/pet/stay). Sources of noise that might disturb other residents or neighbours, are forbidden. Carefully read the rules of procedure! Non-compliance with the agreements can cause an extra cost of your stay. Please respect the timetables exposed in the rules of procedure.

At least 20 overnight stays will always be charged. An advance of € 25 per person / stay or € 250 / weekend will be charged when you make the reservation. Moreover, a cancellation guarantee of € 0.35 / person / day will be charged.

The advance and the cancellation guarantee have to be paid within 3 weeks after the invoice date. If you don’t pay the advance and the cancellation guarantee in time, the reserved period will become free for rent again.
All cancellations ought to be sent by registered letter within 30 days after reception of the advance invoice. In case of cancellation, an administrative cost of € 125,00 / stay will be charged.
You have to hand over an inventory and damage guarantee of € 250 at the beginning of your stay. This guarantee will be used to compensate possible damage to the centre and/or the inventory.
Interest on arrears or costs charged for non-executed or partially executed ‘tasks at the end of the stay’ (see Rules of procedure), can be deducted from this guarantee. The balance for the stay has to be paid at the end of it. The guarantee will only be refunded (possibly repaid on your bank account) after you will have paid the definitive settlement of your account. An interest on arrears of 1,5 % /month shall be charged in case of late payment. In case of disputes, only the courts of the district Oudenaarde are competent.

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