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Bergstraat 28,
9690 Kluisbergen
GSM. 0477 / 29 57 71
Rules of procedure "Villa Kluisberg" Print
Timetable for the meals: according to an agreement
- Start breakfast: between 8 and 9 hours
- Start lunch: between 12 and 13 hours
- Tea time: optional
- Start supper: between 18 and 19 hours

Except for the tea time, all meals are to be consumed in the Kluisbos Café.

Usually, the recreation centre closes its doors at 22 hours.

Collect the key:
At the beginning of your stay, you have to collect the key at the reception of Recreation centre Kluisbos.
Contact the reception for the settlement of your account and to hand in your key when you leave, or for all extra information.

You should be quiet in the bedroom spaces. Nowhere in the building is it allowed to smoke. The used spaces should be kept tiny and clean. Therefore, one of the tasks of the group consists of regularly sweeping the floor. In the bedrooms, it is not allowed to move the furniture. The person in charge of the group shall make sure, as a ‘prudent man’ would do, that all lights are shut off when leaving the building and also at night.

Sports and games:
For sports and games, the visitors can dispose of the gymnasium, the recreation centre and the Kluisbos. (If you want to rent the gymnasium, you have to arrange this beforehand). Sport and game activities around the buildings are not allowed. There is a recreative area in the forest, at 100m distance from the centre. From 22 hours onwards, only quiet activities are allowed. Respect the neighbourhood!

Forest walk in the Kluisbos:
The natural fauna and flora of the surrounding forest shall be respected. It is allowed to walk into the forest, preferably in a group and for educational activities. The forest is not a playground (there are isolated recreative areas in the forest) and waste shall not at all be tolerated in it!
The Kluisbos is accessible for walks, orientation running and mountain bike (the circuit needs to be followed!) Camp fires are not allowed.

TV /Telephone:
At your arrival, the remote control will be submitted to the person in charge of the group. A DVD-player is also available. TV and DVD shall only be used by the competent persons in charge. You can contact the accommodation centre from your home, through the recreation centre Kluisbos (055/23.05.85) or directly, by dialling the number 055/23.05.87. The phone can only be used for incoming lines, to call emergency numbers, to join the Kluisbos reception and the person in charge. Damage to the equipment due to vandalism or improper use will be charged to the residing group.

Wireless Internet is available in the accommodation centre.

Kitchen towels and/or bath towels are not included.
If you want to have your towels dried, there is a washing line available in the 3rd garage. It is strictly forbidden to have your towels dried in your room (mildew) or on the terrace balustrades (sight)!

At the beginning and at the end of your stay, the inventory of the materiel shall be verified and completed by the person in charge of the group. Each modification shall be mentioned to the reception; damage, cracks or missing items shall be charged at the settlement of your account for the stay.
All recipients, detergents, towels are for the account of the tenant. The equipment and the material ought to be left behind clean.
For hygiene’s and security’s sake, there is no fryer in the centre. However, you are allowed to use your own fryer in the kitchen. Moreover, you can order fries in the Kluisbos Café for the price of € 2.50 / portion, but you have to order them beforehand and pick them up yourself. Used oil can by no means be left behind in the centre.

The barbecue on the terrace shall be properly cleaned after use.
In the centre, an inox barbecue is also available for ± 40 persons (2nd garage from the right). The subsoil shall always be protected by the appropriate rubber carpet. The barbecue shall always be emptied and put back in the 2nd garage, together with the thoroughly cleaned grills and the carpet.

The terrace furniture shall by no means be moved to the garden. In order to prevent damage, the LARGE WOODEN TABLES can not be moved! Damage due to improper use shall be charged to the residing group.

Tasks at the end of your stay:
• All of the used spaces and rooms ought to be left behind clean.
• Chairs shall be put back on the tables.
• Bins shall be emptied and dropped in the appropriate container.
• Glass shall be put in the glass container.
• The kitchen shall be left behind ENTIRELY cleaned.
• All the dishes shall be put back clean on the place reserved for it (see inventory)
• Fridges have to be disconnected, entirely emptied and left behind clean. The fridge doors have to be set ajar.
• Sheets ought to be removed from the beds and dropped unfolded in the dressing room. Fluffy blankets have to be folded and put at the back side of the bed.

Cleaning material and detergents are available on each floor (see inventory)

At the end of your stay, we will verify if everything is clean, together with the person in charge of the group.
The direction can impose supplementary tasks such as:
• Picking up papers around the building, sweeping...
On the day of departure, the rooms have to be freed by 10 o’clock in the morning.
First aid room: (room 2)
This room shall exclusively be used for first aid purposes.
Deviations from the rules of procedure have to be discussed with the direction.

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